Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Margot Robbie Property of Joker Bomber Satin Jacket

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Margot Robbie Suicide Squad Property Of Joke Satin Jacket

Harley Quinn is the name in the television industry that needs no introduction and this name has been providing people with a great deal of outfits too. This beauty is something appealing and amazing to go for which has been manufactured with great effort and endless creativity being blended inside out. This Harley Quinn Jacket has been manufactured over the base of satin material and tends to provide a very appealing glossy look with soft and slippery touch. However, the blend of color used in the making amounts being red and purple at all times and over it, the edges of gold and the logo on one side of the chest are also provided for. This Suicide Squad Jacket has an inner which is all finished with the viscose lining and it looks great, however, the sleeves are in full length featuring full coverage as well. The back of this Margot Robbie Jacket has been provided with the text-based logo and the comfort and choice are beyond perfection. This Harley Quinn Costume Jacket may easily be carried on all kinds of causal occasion without a doubt.

Product Features

  • Satin based material
  • Inner of viscose
  • Front closure of zipping
  • Golden edges
  • Blend of red and purple color

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