Red Hood Batman Arkham Knight Jason Todd Hoodie Costume Leather Jacket

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Red Hood Robin Batman Arkham Knight Leather Hoodie

The need to have hands on the best looking jacket is the right of every individual out there and when it comes to having hands on this very beautiful how could one resist? This jacket is an ultimate ideal choice to go for which has been designed in a very stylish and appealing manner and when it comes to taking a look at this beauty one may always get hands on this beauty in no time. However, when it comes to having hands it has been manufactured using the best quality leather-based material which is a choice that lies between being genuine or faux leather and the color combination featured amounts being a blend of red, black and silver which is a perfect finished choice. This red hood jacket has a front closure of zipping and has pockets on the sides which make it stand out. There is a hood at the back and the strap-like collar is also provided, however, there are pockets at the front too which make it pretty appealing. This red hood jacket has been manufactured as a perfect choice to be worn on causal instances.

Product Features

  • Leather finished material, genuine or faux leather
  • Combination of red, black and silver color
  • Front closure of zipping
  • Pockets at the front

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