Tom Hardy Dark Knight Rises Bane Costume Green Leather Vest

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The Dark Knight Rises Tom Hardy Costume Vest

Fashion changes every now and then but some things remain constant and last forever. No matter what you do or how many products surround the market few types of attire are everlasting and they are available all year round. One such example of attires is vests, jackets, and coats. These are the clothing line which has been in fashion since a very long period of time. What changes is the design and the colors and how they appear? Sometimes it’s just their color which changes, at times some new celebrity jackets take over the market making their fans go crazy and becomes a must-have. We have come up with The Dark Knight Tom Hardy vest which is a very beautiful olive green and grey color which comes with a belt style. Where belt is attached at the bottom of the vest making it a slim fit cut vest which can make anyone who wears it look slim and smart.

Product Features

  • Celebrity inspired vest
  • Trendy and classy
  •  Genuine and faux leather used in the production
  • Front zipper for closure
  • Round neck
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easily delivered to your doorstep
  • Inner viscose lining making it comfortable to wear

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